About Sike

Sike is an all-in-one e-learning platform for students and long life learner. In January ‘16 we started to analyze the process students go through when they prepare for an exam and created tools to help them study with more efficiency. Every step of the learning cycle has its own difficulties starting with information management and ending with the thought “did I do enough?”. As of now we provide all information needed to start learning and we are able to simulate an exam with the actual literature needed to pass. Which is amazing, students can get an idea how good they know their trade. Furthermore, we are currently working on a blog, which will feature the student life, science and interesting topics regarding our world.

Tools that wait for coding are a student-to-student bookstore, an interactive forum for communication and discussions, a gamification feature and a credit system, which will be the heart of Sike.

We, as Sike and a team believe that education and science should always be free. A student should not have to pay for her or his education. We believe that learning is a fundamental part of making everyday life better and therefore everyone should be able to study and follow their dreams through education!
Yet effort, performance and a distinct service should always be paid, which is a predicament since education should be free.

We found a nice workaround and we are happy to introduce you to our credit system very soon. It will not only motivate the user to interact, it will also boost the economy and will finance Sike.

New from our Blog

Psychologie Aufnahmetest 2017

Die Zeit rückt näher, und für alle anstrebenden Psychologen haben wir alles Wichtige zum Thema Aufnahmetest in Österreich zusammengefasst. Wir wünschen viel Spaß bei der Vorbereitung, viel Erfolg für den Test und dass wir einige von Euch nächstes Jahr im Studium begrüßen können!

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